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Modern Sintered Stone Kitchen Island with Outlet and Table, 78.7"

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Product Overview

Swivel Wheel

Swivel Wheel


Material: Medium Density Fiberboard; Sintered Stone; Rubber Wood

Built-in Outlet

Built-in Outlet

Assembly Required

Assembly Required


Warranty: 1 Year Limited

Why You'll Love It

Sintered stone tabletops are easy to clean and maintain.

Spacious cabinets and drawers keep your space organized effortlessly.

Perfect spot to cook, eat or work on a countertop.

An elegant look that refreshes your kitchen's decor.

No more searching for outlets—keep your devices powered up and ready to go, seamlessly integrating technology into your life.

Adjustable shelves offer flexible storage options, allowing users to customize the shelf height to accommodate items of various sizes and shapes.

The equipped brakes offer superior control and safety without compromising on convenience.

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Modern Sintered Stone Kitchen Island with Outlet and Table, 78.7"

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