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Splendid Resort

Make your home more dynamic with pieces designed for lounging, dining, and everything else. Featuring clean lines infused with contemporary flair, our Splendid Resort is the superb combination of functionality and esthetics.

  • Splendid Resort Sofa

    Orange, beige and charcoal, our chic sofa strikes the right note in your living space as it oozes a touch of timeless glamour with its contrasting colors.

    Splendid Resort Sofa
  • Splendid Resort Chair

    Refresh and rejuvenate yourself by taking a casual snooze on this cradling rocking chair after your exhausting and long day.

    Splendid Resort Chair
  • Splendid Resort Coffee Table

    Transform your living room with our appealing coffee tables on which you can enjoy your tea time with friends or family members.

    Splendid Resort Coffee Table
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