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Delicate infusion of spherical shape and sleek lines in a geometrical charm. Sharon's collection contains some of the stunning lightings that exquisitely showcase a sense of modern luxury and aesthetic elegance.

  • Sharon In Your Living Room

    Light up your living room with the brilliance of a star sky by turning on the lightings from the Sharon's collection! All the items are inspired by luxury and elegant aesthetic charm, perfect for showing resplendence for the living room!

    Splendid Resort Sofa
    Sharon's Chandelier Luxurious Large Size with Golden Ring Base Ceiling Light
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    Sharon's TV Stand Stylish Oblong Faux Marble Top with Wavy Details Media Console
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  • Sharon In Your Bedroom

    Enjoy the radiance of balmy light from the laconic yet aesthetic bedroom lightings from Sharon's collection! Give your bedroom a placid, warm, and pleasant mood.

    Splendid Resort Chair
    Sharon's Pendant Light Minimalistic Ring Metal Frame Single Light Ceiling Light
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  • Story About Sharon

    Sharon believes that people should have their lights in their hearts, which will light up their way and the hope and find the path to bounce back in the dark hours.

    Splendid Resort Coffee Table
    Sharon's Nordic Floor Lamp 3-Light with Electroplated Metal Frame
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