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Interview with David, CEO & founder of Hernest

Sep 10th, 2023

Zoey: So, what’s the deal with the brand upgrade? What inspired this change?

David: Well, we wanted to keep up with the latest trends and cater to the needs of today's consumers. We've seen a big shift in home furnishings, where people want stuff that's both chic and useful. So, we decided to merge the two to give our users an exceptional home furnishing experience.


Zoey: What's your take on the current trends in the furniture market and how does your brand position itself in it?

David: We are thrilled about this! Of course, there are challenges ahead, but we take these challenges as our cue to showcase our innovation and stand out from the crowd. In this fierce market, we’re surpassing user's expectation by making their homes not just cozy but filled with style. We're confident that Hernest is top-pick for today's savvy consumers.

Zoey: Could you share the philosophy behind it and tell us about the styles or inspirations shaping this new direction?

David: Certainly! Our brand is all about blending innovative functionality with timeless elegance. For us, practical design and aesthetic appeal should be harmonious partners, not adversaries. Currently, we embrace the trends of modern minimalism and mid-century modern style. The focal point is to present users with chic and personalized options and allowing them to fully enjoy the taste and comfort of home living.

Zoey: How is the brand advancing its efforts in sustainable development?

David: Absolutely. The commitment to sustainability is woven into the fabric of every upgrade we're making. From embracing eco-friendly manufacturing processes to using top-notch materials like natural wood, premium metals, leather, and fabrics, we're ensuring that each piece of furniture isn't just practical and stylish but also meets the highest environmental standards. It's not just a salute to nature —— it's about seamlessly blending a delightful home experience with a sustainable future.

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