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How To Choose Lighting For Your Home?

We all know that lighting has an important role in making us feel a certain way in certain rooms or environments. It contributes to the ambiance and functionality of any space. Given the correct lighting, one can feel motivated, and hence, productivity is enhanced while one can also feel relaxed and comforted after a long day’s work. If so much rests on lights then you must know how to choose the proper lighting for your home.

Types of lighting

There are mainly three types of lighting and these are:


Ambient Lighting- This is generally the primary source of light in any room. It is there not for style but to simply light the room when you enter it. However, that doesn’t mean it cannot be stylish and elegant. Ambient lighting includes anything from overhead fixtures to recessed lighting. Usually, it is the contractor that decides the amount of ambient light your room will have. Kitchens and bathrooms tend to have brighter ambient lighting than the other rooms.


Task Lighting- As the name suggests, task lighting provides light for a specific task like reading a book, writing, or doing makeup in front of the mirror. These are limited to brightening only a part of the room and come in different shapes and sizes. You can mount them on walls, fix them to mirrors, swivel, or even rotate them.


Accent Lighting- This is the type of lighting that is meant for decorating the room or adding to the aesthetics of the room. They tend to focus on particular objects in the house, like a painting or a bookshelf to make it stand out.

Different Lighting Needs of Each Room

If your house has an entryway, a living room, a bedroom, a kitchen, and a bathroom then you need to know the lighting needs of each of these to decide what lighting to purchase.

Choose room
Living Room
Dining Room

The entryway is the part of the house that your main door directly opens into, and hence, it is the part your guests will see first. You need to ensure the lighting is friendly and inviting in the entryway. If the space has a tall ceiling, you can mount a chandelier. Avoid fixing tasks or accent lights in this area.

Living or drawing rooms are meant for entertainment and relaxation, and your lights should say the same. You must incorporate different types of lighting here, such as bright lights and lamps for reading or studying. Sconces are also a good choice for this area.

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You need to install bright lights in the dining room to ensure that you can have a pleasant conversation as you eat your food here. You can place a chandelier or a couple of pendant lights in this area. However, remember not to make it too bright by fixing LED lights in the dining room.

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Kitchens are a tricky area when it comes to lighting as all parts do not require the same intensity of light. You can keep certain areas that are not used often dimly lit while the main cooking area must have adequate light. Pendant lights are an excellent choice for this area.

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Bedrooms are essentially places where you sit back and relax so all they require is warm lighting. The mirror area can have task lighting as well as the bedside area.

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Best Hernest Lighting Options

1.Nordic Pendant Ceiling Light

The Hernest nordic pendant ceiling lights feature soft light and glass covers that have a sophisticated shape. The unique design of this light consists of a black baking paint frame and a suction cup that gives a low-key feeling to the entire ambiance. The color temperature of the LED ring is naturally white, so it can be used in bedrooms, living rooms, or any other room you please. There are also ventilation holes in the glass so that it doesn’t crack due to the high temperature differences.

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2.Nordic Bubble-shaped Pendant Light

The nordic bubble-shaped pendant light by Hernest is a ceiling light that offers premium quality soft light and glass covers. The soft-touch of the light can make you feel completely relaxed after a tiring day’s work. Not only are these lights durable, but they can successfully create a very romantic environment in your home, which is perfect for date nights.

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3.Nordic Floor Lamp

Hernest’s nordic floor lamp can be the perfect touch of minimalism to your bedroom or living room. It has a unique design consisting of a marble base and a slim vertical light frame that is made of electroplated iron. It offers mellow light that is ideal for relaxing but is also adequate for reading purposes.

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4.Modern 1-Light Floor Lamp

Here is another floor lamp for you, but this one looks drastically different from the previous one. It has a unique design that will baffle your guests, and it will truly take your living room aesthetics a level up. It features a large lampshade made of glass that can illuminate any room, office, or hotel. The base of the lamp is made of metal which showcases stateliness. Place this charming floor lamp by your couch and witness how it transforms or enhances the beauty of your home.

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Summing up
Choosing the lights for your home might seem like a trivial task but only when you get started on the several options available do you realize how tricky it can be. At the same time, there is nothing more pleasing than utilizing your adequate knowledge of lighting (as provided by this article) to decorate your home and make every nook and corner as functional as possible in terms of lighting. You can start by looking at some of the excellent lighting options that Hernest has to offer.
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