Founded in 2021, Hernest-slab, the market-leading brand of Sintered Stone is a revolutionary product that has become a material of choice for architects, designers, specifiers and fabricators.
What is a Sintered Stone?
Sintered Stone is a 100% natural material based on granite minerals, glass minerals, and natural oxides:
1. Granite Materials: Quartz and feldspar, giving hardness and strength to the surface.
2. Glass minerals and silica, which ensures chemical stability.
3. Natural oxides, which deliver chromatic properties.
Smooth surface
Release peculiar smell
Non porous
Suitable for use outdoors
Acid and Alkali Resistant
Resistant to high temperatures
Resistant to staining
Resistant to detergents
Resistance to chemicals
Resistance to thermal shock
Resistance to freezing-defrosting
Resistant to humidity
Resistance to UV rays
Resisitant to scratching and abrasion
Easy to clean and mantain
Wide range of applications

Resistant to any kind of chemical cleaning agent such as bleach or ammonia.

Waterproof and resistant to liquids, with an absorption level of almost zero.

Its hard surface makes it resistant to scratches and abrasion.

It does not burn in contact with fire nor does it emit smoke or toxic substances when subjected to high temperatures.

It does not give off any harmful substances and is totally suitable for contact with food.

Lighter than many cladding or interior surfaces, can be produced in varying degrees of thickness, including an ultra-thin 3mm depth.

Up to 48% of recycled content in every slab. 100% reusable.

Being 100% natural, its colors do not fade away when being exposed to sun light or other extreme weather conditions.

It does not give off any substances that are harmful to the environment.

It has a high shear rate, making it resistant to heavy loads and pressure.

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