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Amazing Chance for an Amazing Summer
With the amazing Prime Day within arm's reach, the only setback would be actually having a PRIME MEMBERSHIP of course. That is why Hernest is actually giving away 1 year Amazon Prime subscriptions FOR FREE.

All you need to do is to fill this subscription box for a chance to win big and by big I mean:

1- CASH equivalent of one year Amazon Prime Subscription (USD119)+ 2- USD30 Coupons upon subscription usable on all product categories

You are already ahead of everyone the moment you press hit the subscription button.

That is right! There is always a chance to increase your chance. We are hosting another prime membership giveaway on Instagram, and you can join the two events simultaneously.

+ only two lucky winners will be pulled from this event and the winners will be notified via email on 00:00 June 17th pacific time