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5 Best Father's Day Gifts 2021
Everybody knows what comes on the third Sunday of June, it's Father's day. However, what people don't know is its origin or why giving presents to fathers has become a convention. So how it happened?
Father's Day was first introduced by Sonora Dodd in Spokane, Washington in 1909, raising awareness about fathers and fatherhood. It was introduced to commemorate her father, a civil war veteran and a single parent of six siblings. Dodd began her movement in her local church following the footsteps of Anna Jarvis in creating Mother's Day. This was later commercialized by tobacco merchants, men's clothing producers, and other products targeted towards male consumers. The gifting convention emerged from the constant effort in commercializing this day which finally succeeded in the '80s as a result of perseverance from the promoters.
Best Items to Give on Father's Day

1. Insignia 24-inch Smart HD 720p TV

Starting off with a 24" TV, a perfect item for your partner to watch his favorite games Monday or just to get him to stop complaining about the shows that you are into. Either for you or for him, a $99 dollar is one of the must-gets on Amazon Prime Day this year. Win a chance for a one year PRIME subscription completely free of charge.

2. Contemporary Sintered Stone TV Stand 79” with Carbon Steel Frame

So you already have a TV? Then you might want to consider where you want to place it. Consider this masterpiece of a TV stand 79" of brilliance split between Black and a white stone slab with a marble veneer. If you get this between June 18 - June 24 then you can enjoy a 20% with the flash summer sale. Learn more.

3. AXRUNZE Gaming Chair with Massage Racing Style Ergonomic Computer Video Chair

So your man is a big tech guy or he loves to game? Other than the times you prefer him to talk to you and put the computer away, you would still wish him to kick ass at what he is doing either at work or just gaming. That could mean more for him than a comfortable man-cave which starts with the adoption of this very gaming chair that has a 20% off its price tag? A chance you do not want to miss. Learn more.

4. Luxury Wall Mount 7-Hole Concealed Bathroom Shower System with 4 Body Jets

Your dad the type who does not show many emotions explicitly? Then he is all about quality life, although he tells you numerous times that he doesn't need anything and you should save up money for yourself. Deep inside, he longs to have your present. That is why you should treat him with something he uses every day. Bringing you this magnificent shower system, the very definition of luxury. Learn more.

5. Best Dad Ever Coffee Mug Gift for Dad
Let's face it, how can we make a gift guide without giving the most cliche gift out there? As much as you hate to admit it, you either have already given this to your dad or you have thought about it. I don't blame you, fathers day has historically been an undermined celebration. As the saying goes "it's not the price that counts it's the thought". The most cliche gift for those cliche loving dads. Learn more.